Woodbridge Autism Center, PLLC provides a variety of evidence-based early intervention services, including parent coaching, child therapy, and Early Start Denver Model training. We are based out of Cary, North Carolina and provide services to the surrounding communities.

Our Mission

At Woodbridge Autism Center, PLLC, we are dedicated to improving the lives of individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder through the provision and dissemination of high-quality early intervention services. We believe strongly in celebrating the talents and gifts that individuals with autism spectrum disorder offer, and we aim to recognize those gifts while working to maximize development. We ground our work in scientifically-sound approaches, and are proud to offer a variety of evidence-based early intervention services.

Parent Coaching

Early Start Denver Model Treatment Approach

Curriculum Assessment and Individualized Treatment Goals

Guidance in Learning and/or Solidifying Interaction Techniques

11 Weekly Parent Coaching Sessions

Intervention to be Carried Out During Your Daily Routines

For Parents of Children 12-60 Months of Age


Help Your Child Learn, Communicate, Play, and Develop

Respectful and Collaborative Partnership

Child Therapy

Early Start Denver Model Treatment Approach

Fun and Play-Based

Helps Child Develop New Skills and Solidify Emerging Skills

New Goals Every 12 Weeks

Curriculum Assessment and Individualized Treatment Goals


One-on-One Sessions with Certified Therapist

Treatment Carried Out During Child's Natural Routines

For Children 12-60 Months of Age

Early Start Denver Model Training

For Professionals Interested in the Early Start Denver Model

Three Days of Hands-On Training

Work Toward Becoming a Certified Early Start Denver Model Therapist


Post-Workshop Evaluation and Feedback

For Those Who Work with Children 12-60 Months of Age

Hosted at Your Site

Option for One-Day Large-Group Lecture (International Only)


Some Prerequisites Apply

The Early Start Denver Model

The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is an early intervention approach for young children who are diagnosed with or at risk for autism spectrum disorder and are between the ages of 12 and 60 months. Designed by Drs. Geraldine Dawson and Sally Rogers, it specifies both what to teach children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, as well as how to teach them. Based on applied behavior analysis (ABA), it is a developmental, routines-based approach, meaning that it is designed to be incorporated into children’s everyday, naturally-occurring routines, such as play, mealtime, bathtime, and changing. ESDM is an evidence-based intervention and findings on its benefits to the brains of youngsters with autism spectrum disorder were declared one of TIME Magazine’s 2012 Top Ten Medical Breakthroughs. ESDM, which can be delivered successfully by parents and professionals, is a comprehensive intervention, simultaneously targeting multiple areas of development, such as receptive and expressive language, fine and gross motor skills, social skills, joint attention, cognition, and self-help skills.


Katie Davlantis, Ph.D., LCSW, BCBA

Dr. Davlantis holds a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California and a doctorate in Human Development from the University of California, Davis, and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She has over ten years’ experience working with individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families. She is a certified Early Start Denver Model therapist, trainer, and parent coach, and has traveled both nationally and internationally to train other professionals in the model. Katie has published work regarding developmentally-appropriate, play-based early interventions for infants and toddlers, and frequently presents on these topics to a variety of audiences. As a licensed clinical social worker, she is experienced in assessing young children, delivering evidence-based early interventions, and providing parent coaching in those interventions.

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